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Our amazing library at EDS is full of children every minute of the day!  Each class visits the library once each week and students are able to check out books each time.  Mrs. Legere, our librarian, knows each student and helps each find books that match their reading and interest level.  Older students use library materials to find information for reports and projects. The library is also open to students during lunch to read or play games

This year we adopted a new web-based product called Destiny.

Destiny is a web based product -- which has opened up a whole new world for us at EDS! One of the great things about this product is the ability for students to connect to some awesome web links - and they can do it from their own home.

Destiny not only lets students know which library materials are available at their library, but it also directs them to websites previewed by educators for their chosen topic. For example, recently we had a small group of seventh graders researching DNA. When they searched on the topic, they not only found books in our library, but they were also given links called "WebPath Express." Often there are several links on the topic, in the case of the DNA search, they were given 4 links. Each of those for links (ex: "DNA Fingerprints") takes them to a list of websites on that specific topic along with the appropriate grade level range.

Teaching Books.net strives to equitably give all readers insights and opportunities that deepen their understanding and joy of the books they are reading.  Click below for student & parent resources: